Peacocks, and kids

April 9, 2012

I don’t know if you have seen peacocks, or rather heard peacocks but they are loud. We heard them long before we saw them. The first one we saw was wandering around the parking lot, and it was just a bird with really long feathers. We headed into the park and saw one of the birds fanning his feathers, the kids were really excited when he did that!

“Look mama!” Fiona talked non stop for days about the peacocks, how they have big feathers and big mouths that make a big noise.

We met a friend there and her adorable son. Supposedly he is not much of a hand holder, but he insisted on holding Fiona’s hand. Look at that expression on his face!

The kids were adorable holding hands walking around the preserve. And no Fiona is not older, she is just taller.

The park also has koi ponds that the kids spent a lot of time peering into and looking for fish.

Lincoln had fun too. I plopped him down in the grass and let him play for awhile. One of the peacocks thought Lincoln was interesting and wandered over to take a closer look.

Don’t worry, Lincoln was not defenseless against the peacock, he found a leaf that could possibly be used to poke the peacock… you know if Lincoln had coordination for that kind of thing 🙂

The kids found a tree and had a lot of fun playing around on it.

The kids had so much fun playing together. There was lots of giggling and running.

In a couple of months the peacocks tail feathers will start falling out (they grow new ones every year) so we will probably head back to see if Fiona can find a feather .


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