Visting the Peacocks

April 6, 2012

On Valentines day Mark and I took Lincoln to Mayfield Park to see the peacocks while Fiona was in school. We walked the trails, looked at the koi ponds and watched the peacocks. After seeing the peacocks I knew I would be bringing Fiona back for a playdate with some friends.

A couple weeks ago that is what I did. The kids and I met some friends at the park. I took an obscene amount of photos of both the peacocks and the kids, so I will do two different posts otherwise you will be scrolling forever.

This beautiful guy met us at the gate. Isn’t he handsome? Actually I think this might be the one who blocked my way into the preserve and I had to sit in the driveway for 5 minutes before he moved and I could pull into the parking lot.

Another peacock was fanning his feathers in attempt to charm the ladies (unfortunately as you can see he recently got into a fight with a wild animal and his neck feathers aren’t looking too good. Not sure if his tail feathers were going to make up for it).

But he tried desperately to charm those ladies and strutted around with those feathers up. I don’t know about the peahens, but I was charmed.

Until he turned around that is….

They are not nearly as pretty from behind.

The peacocks have free roam of the park and are used to humans pestering them for photos.


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