In Orlando

March 30, 2012

Im currently working on site in beautiful sunny Orlando. Not that I have seen much of the sun, well I do have a couple of windows… Im working on TEAM Polycom, all my hardwork over the last few weeks is almost over. The exhibit opens in a couple of days and then the presentations starts, and I get to sit back (and work) and watch all my efforts put to use. I like working from home, but sometimes its nice to see what is done with my work. Sometimes I feel as if I set my work free out into the ether and have no idea what becomes of it.

Ive managed to take a lot of photos lately, so there will be new posts coming more frequently once this project is over. But meanwhile here are a few more of Lincoln from my trip to CA.

He and Lily chatted, it was very serious baby conversation. It probably went something like this:
Lily: What is your mama feeding you? Your huge!
Lincoln: Milk does a body good, especially my mama’s milk

I think Lily found his rolls endearing 🙂

Lincoln got to take baths in sinks while we were there. Our sink at home is too shallow to really bathe him, he had so much fun sitting up and splashing the water. It was a whole new view on bath time.

I still have a few more photos from CA, but I may do a peacock post next week.


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