Happy half birthday Lincoln

March 20, 2012

Some how 6 months have gone by and your a half a year old. For the most part you are a happy, laid back, giggly baby. Your a joy to be around. The only times you get cranky is dinner time (if we aren’t feeding you quickly enough), and when you want to go to sleep. Ahhh, sleep. You are a huge fan of sleep and get rather grumpy if you don’t get at least 16 hours of sleep a day. You are so different then your sister in that regard.

You recently discovered the world of toys that you can play with when you sit up.

You may not roll over much, but you will happily sit up (and have been for several weeks now) and play with toys. Its a much better position to bang on things.

Its been a busy month for you. We graduated from rice cereal to real food. You have so far been a fan of most things, weren’t so keen on peas at first but you grew to like them. Tonight you had broccoli and loved it (that is one way you are like your sister, she loves broccoli!). You rolled over…twice. And you figured out the whole sitting thing. All in all a very exciting month.

We just got back from Lincoln’s 6 month check up. And he is doing fabulous. What you don’t take your camera to dr visits? Yep, I’m that mom.

Still growing and progressing normally. The dr wasn’t concerned that Lincoln could care less about rolling over, especially with how well he can sit up. She said some babies are just content. Thats you Lincoln; content. On your stomach; sure I’ll play like this. On your back? Not a problem. I’m not going to complain that your content with your position.

Now on to the stats. 95% for height, which is  a long 28 inches. and 85% for weight at 19lbs 8oz. Its official Lincoln you are still a big boy (which by the way you think the How Big is Lincoln game is awesome! Raise your arms in the air and you giggle).


2 Responses to “Happy half birthday Lincoln”

  1. Nichol said

    Love the check up pics! 🙂

  2. crystal said

    He is adorable Kristina! Love the pictures… I can’t believe he’s 6 months already..

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