Busy, busy, busy

March 17, 2012

Its once again event season and this year it started off with a bang! Maybe bang isn’t the right word, its more of an entire fireworks display. Since I last posted I’ve worked so many hours that I lost track, I hired an intern and brought on a part time contractor. As the Once-ler would say, I’m biggering and biggering! Yeah I have a two year old and just referenced the Lorax. I feel like all I have done this month is work. I know that’s not true, we have gone to the museum, the park, on picnics, to see the Lorax, to the Rodeo, we have painted, done art projects and learned to decoupage. I work into the wee hours of the morning every night as I desperately attempt to balance work and parenting. I hope Im doing an okay job, and that my kids dont feel totally ignored.

I tried really hard not to skip a week (new years resolution), of blogging but unfortunately I missed last week. I will *attempt* to make it up and do 2 posts nest week. But no promises. I do need to get some sleep! But Im also 6 weeks behind on photos. Yikes! Here is a sneak peek at what is coming next week.


Remember Jill, I snapped some photos of her adorable daughter Lilly (and in the above photo, Lincoln as well) while I was in California last month. Next week I will finally (!) post them.


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