Happy valentines….umm week

February 17, 2012

I realize valentines day was Tuesday, so this post is a little late.  But I figure as long as it is in the same week I’m good, right?

This was Fiona’s first valentines day where she got to hand out valentines at school. I saw it as an opportunity to design some cute cards. Yes I know I could have bought some, but where is the fun in that? If I had bought some I wouldn’t have learned that Fiona really likes to play with glue sticks. Something about gluing things together that is alot of fun.

Fiona still love ladybugs (well more precisely ladybug girl). So I decided to make some “lovebug” cards.

I picked up some red heart paper at Hobby Lobby to glue on the back of the cards (1. It added thickness, 2. It made the back of the cards cute as well). I printed the cards (I had to buy a printer just to do this, you would have thought I already had one, but nope. It involved lots of research, multiple trips to the store, the purchase of 2 printers and the return of 1). Fiona was in charge of gluing on the back of the card, a job she loved.  I didn’t want to give just a card, and I didn’t want to give candy with the card (she is in preschool, I don’t think all the extra candy is necessary at this age). Im the not fun mom who thinks every holiday doesn’t require candy… cupcakes maybe. Anyway, so while wandering around the valentine section at Target I found mini valentine playdohs. Sweet, those would be perfect. Fun and not full of sugar. But of course I couldn’t just give out playdoh, it had to match the cards (of course!). So I did a quick wrap around the playdoh container (this actually was a huge pain to do because the bottom of the playdoh containers are slightly angled. Next time I might just do a sticker on the top). But the end result is cute and fun.

Fiona loved her cards. And was excited to give them to her friends.

I hope everyone’s valentines days were full of love. I took part of the day off and spent it with Mark and Lincoln so some time soon there will be photos from our afternoon with the peacocks.


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