The rain came

February 6, 2012

January weather can be unpredictable in Austin, at least it has been the last two January’s since we moved. Last year it snowed, and this year it rained 6 inches in a few hours. Our community went from having a dry sunken grassy area to having a pond complete with ducks (I think the ducks were just waiting for the rain to come).

We live close to a McKinney State Park. Which has waterfalls, at least it is suppose to. During the summer the waterfalls dried up due to the drought, so when it rained (Im not sure rain is a good description, the torrential downpour is a better term) we headed over to the park to check out the waterfalls. But unfortunately there were still no waterfalls, although this time due to too much water. The bottom of the falls had risen to meet the top of the falls.

But we had a good time watching the roaring river and splashing in puddles. Fiona and I both headed out with our camera’s to capture the falls.

Lincoln of course came along.

There might not have been waterfalls, but there was some impressive puddles! This was the pathway to the falls.

Here is where the falls are suppose to be. You can kind of see the ring where the falls normally are, but there was so much water there was no where for the water to fall.

Fiona had a lot of fun playing in the puddles.

Then she discovered mud, and the puddles were forgotten.

It has continued to rain on and off for the last week or so. Not as much as that first night, but enough to keep our pond full. Hopefully all this rain has put a dent in the drought from the summer.


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