Cafe Monet

February 1, 2012

We have been trying to mix up our playdates lately. And thought we would take the girls to paint some pottery at Cafe Monet. Molly and Fiona love to paint and they loved painting a thing instead of just paper.

First we selected what to paint. The girls both decided on cats. Then they had to prep the cats and give them a sponge bath.

After the cats were all clean it was time to get busy painting. They worked really hard, and concentrated on their cats.

The best part is that they loved it. Fiona must have put at least 8 coats of paint on the cats face.

Look at that grin!

Lincoln came too, and even got in on the action. Fiona and Lincoln put their handprint on a tile for me. I am so hanging that up! But mostly he watched (and ate).

All the kids did their hand prints. Why is that the best thing to paint? Fiona will happily spend hours painting or tracing her hand prints. Here is Molly immortalizing her hand print.


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