Life with a toddler and a baby

January 26, 2012

Mark and I both work from home. The good thing is we are both always around, the bad thing is that we are both always around. But it does mean that Daddy can take a few minutes of his lunch break to snuggle with Lincoln and make faces with him. Lincoln was trying to copy his daddy.

Lincoln loves when he gets snuggles from his daddy. I know that Mark loves being able to take a five minute break to make his son giggle in the middle of the afternoon.

At the end of a day of working, snuggling and getting stuff done its time for bed. This used to be a time that we would dread. Fiona used to fight us at bedtime (now apparently she saves those battles for bath time), screaming, crying (from all of us), and demanding that we stay and hold her hand. And then once she fell asleep she would get up half a dozen times through the night. With the aid of a sleep trainer we were all finally able to get some sleep. Now she doesn’t fight us. For the most part she is even happy to go to bed…mostly because now her play tent is in her room. We read stories in there and play with flashlights. Many nights I peek into this:

Fiona passed out in her tent with a book and a flashlight. Happy reading sweet one.


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