Lincoln meet your grandparents; Grandparents, meet Lincoln

January 24, 2012

Lincoln got to meet his grandparents for the first time in December.  Fiona calls my parents Grandma and Poppa. At first Lincoln and his Poppa weren’t too sure about each other.

But after awhile Lincoln thought his Poppa was pretty cool, and would sit on his lap hearing all about his Poppa’s crazy Halloween exploits. I left Lincoln with his Poppa while I went to pick Fiona up from school one afternoon, and when we got back they were watching video’s of my parents house at Halloween. I love the look on Lincoln’s face, kinda of a “wow, you made that skeleton talk Poppa”, followed by “mmm, this hand is pretty tasty”.

His grandma loved to snuggle him, and make a tired Lincoln feel better.

But Grandma’s favorite thing? Making Lincoln smile. When Lincoln flashes one of his smiles you cant help but smile back and think that all is right in the world.

The kids had alot of fun visiting with their grandparents, maybe this summer we will head to Hawaii to see them (and cool off from the Austin heat!).


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