The many faces of Lincoln

January 18, 2012

The other day Fiona took a nice long nap, and Lincoln did not. Its a wonderful, magical moment when both children are asleep at the same time in the afternoon. Since Lincoln was awake we got some one on one playtime in. He sat on my lap and chatted and cooed. He can be pretty chatty when he is in the mood.

And he often cracks himself up. In the mornings he will sit in the pram in the kitchen while we eat breakfast or get Fiona’s lunch together and he will talk and giggle at himself.

Then there is the serious, thinking expression. I love how expressive his lips are (both kids have my lips, one of the few traits I passed on).

There is also his quiet observing of the world look, which also shows off his double chin rather well. Ahhh, sweet, chubby baby cheeks.

All that playtime made for a hungry Lincoln and he nibbled on his fingers until it was time to eat. Sometimes he likes to see just how many fingers he can get in his mouth at once.

Little guy is growing and changing so fast. Sometimes I want to hit pause so we can enjoy this stage for a little longer, but I know the next stage will be just as fun and tiring.


2 Responses to “The many faces of Lincoln”

  1. ifurie said

    i have to say, i’m really impressed by your self control. because lord save you all if i have another baby. 100s of photos. i’m so glad to see more of little Lincoln. he’s such a sweet little soul. and yes, changing way too fast.

  2. I take lots of photos, I just try to edit what I post 🙂

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