Life with a toddler and a baby

January 16, 2012

Its hard to believe that Lincoln is 4 months old. He is growing so fast. He is developing a personality and has lost alot of his newborn qualities. For the most part he is a mellow baby. He hangs out, spends his time cracking himself up or chewing on his hands. He no longer hates tummy time and will happily play with his toys (and by play I mean poke at them). He can push himself up with his arms, and when he gets frustrated during tummy time he will push and kick and spin himself in a circle.

He is sleeping better, and occasionally sleeps through the night. Which I know it will all end as soon as he starts teething, but for now Im getting my sleep when I can! He loves bath time, and will probably be a fish like his big sister. Another way he is like his sister is that he is a big talker. When he gets going he will have quite the conversation. Although at the moment its a whole lot of “agoo’s” and “coo’s”.

Speaking of his big sister… she just turned 2 1/2 (the same day Lincoln turned 4 months. Yes they were born the same day of different months. Not done on purpose but it makes it easy to remember!). She is quite the force to reckon with these days. She puts the “terrible” in terrible two’s. One moment she is a pleasant kid the next  she is throwing a tantrum that drives you to want to drink.

She is wicked smart, and learns new things everyday. She still loves to sing songs, and still makes up her own words (took us forever to figure out she was singing the bumble bee song “I caught a baby bumble bee, won’t my mommy be so proud of me” because in her version she tickled it and it flew away).  She will count anything and everything. One of her other favorite things is playing pretend. She spends hours playing with her farm (the swans often get them selves stuck places, and the wonder pets are called into rescue them. Maybe we should watch less tv…), her doll house, and cooking in her kitchen. She also likes to play dr, and gives all her dolls check ups. Her tastes changes daily but right now she hates to eat meals, everything must be a snack. And she wants to stay in her pj’s all day. When ever we tell her that it is time to get dressed she asks “Where I going?”, if we say we aren’t going anywhere then she doesn’t want to get dressed. And when she does get dressed she has a very strong opinion on what she wears; vintage country dress paired with leggings, a puffy vest and her hiking shoes is a typical outfit. Most of the time its just easier to let her pick then to fight her to wear clothes that match. But when she is grown up and wonders what on earth we put her in, I will tell her that it wasn’t our fault! We tried to get her to wear normal outfits, but that she felt ladybug wings were a fabulous accessory to any outfit.

Both of them are growing so fast! I just bought Fiona size 4 shirts, which if your wondering means I have to shop in the big girl section. It made me a little sad. We just got back from their well baby appointments, here are their stats:

Fiona: 90th percentile for both height and weight (37.5 inches tall! and 32lbs)

Lincoln: 80th percentile for both height and weight (Which is a whopping 17 lbs and 2 oz! Oi no wonder my back hurts. And is 26 inches long)


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