Christmas Madness

January 6, 2012

On the eve of Christmas Eve we headed over to Molly’s so that the kids could exchange gifts. The ran around and played for awhile and when they showed signs of slowing down we handed the girls presents. Paper was ripped off and flung aside. Fiona got a doctors jacket (which she wore for the rest of the day and gave everyone checkups). Fiona gave Molly a couple games which I’m sure will provide hours of entertainment in the future for the girls.

I was excited to start traditions with the kids this year. Mark and I have our traditions that we will continue to do; we drive around listening to Christmas music and check out lights and decorations on the way to get dessert. We did that this year and got dessert at TGIF’s (not our first choice but its close and it is open on Christmas Eve). Fiona was really excited to head out in her pj’s and eat ice cream.

When we got home we hung a special key outside our door for Santa. Since we don’t have a chimney, Santa uses his magic on the  key to unlock our door to deliver presents. I gave her the special Santa’s key about a week before Christmas, she was so excited she slept with it every night. But when I told her it was time to hang it on the door she ran and got it. After hanging the key we scattered reindeer feed on the driveway, left out cookies (Fiona taste tested one for Santa) and milk,  and headed up to bed.

Christmas morning started out with a grumpy toddler. So instead of getting a photo with both kids smiling in front of the tree, I settled for Lincoln chilling in front of the tree while Fiona threw a tantrum behind us.

After breakfast we opened up our stockings. Santa hooked the kids up and they got all kinds of goodies in their stockings.

Daddy helped Lincoln open up his stocking. He got a tag toy that was a big hit.

He also got a hat. Roar! He is a dinosaur.

It took Fiona awhile to wake up and be ready to open presents. So while we waited we watched christmas movies and she ate the candy cane from her stocking.

The rest of the morning was a blur of opening presents, putting toys together, and playing. Fiona’s big present from us was an eco friendly doll house, which I forgot to put together before I wrapped it. Oops! She also got a camera from Santa, which she loves! She immediately started taking pictures. I love the tongue out in concentration.

Here is Fiona’s view of Christmas; her new favorite book, mommy with my camera, daddy, our friend Jack that is staying with us, and her and Lincoln’s new toys.

Now that the holidays are over we are settling back into our normal routine. Fiona does better with routine and it was pretty rough with having her schedule off.  But this week we started one of my new year’s resolutions (activities with the kids one on one), and we started swim lessons. Fiona is a little fish in the water! Next week we are going to a cooking class!

I am still working through a back log of photos, so more posts next week!


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