Holiday packaging

January 3, 2012

I love to bake, especially around the holidays. I also love to make candy, and I am known for my peppermint bark, its fabulously minty and delicious. People start asking for it once December rolls around. I also make my own marshmallows (yes, you can make them. No, Im not crazy). Home made marshmallows are what store bought ones dream of being. My neighbor sent me a text after her delivery of the homemade fluffy goodness; “I will eat store bought marshmallows again, but I wont enjoy them!” This year I added home made graham crackers to the mix. So it was kind of a play on smores. And of course my favorite thing about baking is packaging up all the goodies. I have been wanting to do a play on our last name for a few years, so this year I finally made boxes that I deemed “Heaps of Sweets”, it had all three goodies in one box.

I also made a few boxes that were just peppermint bark (similar label to the Heaps of Sweets) and some that were graham crackers and marshmallows. Home made graham crackers are seriously tasty and paired with the home made marshmallows they were down right addicting.

Since Fiona is 2 and starting to really get in to the holidays I wanted to start establishing traditions with her. I mixed up a batch of reindeer feed (cereal, dried strawberrys and yogurt covered raisins) for her to sprinkle in the driveway for the reindeer to snack on while Santa delivered the presents (we also left out a special key just for Santa so that he could come inside, but that is for another post). Of course I couldn’t just leave the reindeer feed in a bowl, so I designed a label for it. I made a couple jars to give to a few of Fiona’s friends.

I will post a few holiday photos soon. Meanwhile I hope everyone had a good holiday!


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