New Years Resolutions

January 2, 2012

Happy New Years! That time of year when we attempt to organize our life and think ahead to what we want to do this year. I’m no different and the last few days have been a flurry of painting, building and organizing. Fiona has wanted to help with the projects, so I let her paint the bookshelf that will go in the playroom/my office.

She even helped put together the bookshelf! Thanks to my hubby for taking the picture of the two of us working.

I have several New Years Resolutions, and I believe putting them down will help me stick to them.

1) Finish my website. Turning my website into a blog was only suppose to be temporary, I will keep my blog but I need to finish the rest of the site.

2) Update my blog at least once a week. Sometimes life just gets really busy, but I would like to update at least once a week.

3) Continue to grow my business and hopefully pick up a couple small fun design projects (like invitations, postcards, mailers, etc.)

and a few personal ones…

4) Continue to organize and decorate our house. I hope to finish a few rooms this year; downstairs bathroom, Lincoln’s room, our closet (yes its big enough to count as a room), and the playroom. I will post photos as I finish the rooms. I’ve been busy in the downstairs bathroom, but it needs a few more things to be complete.

5) Start running again, and run a 10k. I miss working out, and I miss the quite time that running gives me. There are a lot of country roads around me that are just begging me to run them.

6) Find activities to do with the kids individually. I want to be able to give both kids some one on one special time with me. I’m signing Fiona and I up for swim lessons this month and a once a month cooking class.



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