Trick or Treat

November 3, 2011

These are the last of the Halloween photos…at least until next year!

On Halloween we headed over to Molly’s so that the kids could trick or treat in a group. Several months ago we were part of a small play group, and for Halloween most of that play group got together. The kids ran around and played.

They acted all cool for their toddler group photo.

But then we told them that as soon as we were done we were going trick or treating and they were all smiles.

Before heading out we decided to try to get a shot of all the kids. The 3 toddlers held the babies. Fiona held Lincoln, Molly held her cousin, and Daniel held his little brother. Trying to get this photo was a bit like herding cats. The bigger kids wanted to get up and play, the older baby was trying to crawl away, and the two babies were happily sleeping but needed to be held so they didn’t fall over. There are at least 4 adults hovering out of frame just in case.

And as soon as we were done the kids were off trick or treating. Fiona had a blast. She loved saying trick or treat and getting candy, and she would skip away saying “Happy Halloween!”

Lincoln came along for the ride, next year he will be toddling after his big sister.


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