Pumpkin patching

October 18, 2011

Last week I loaded the kids into the car to go pumpkin patching (yes, its totally a verb) with Molly (Fiona’s bff) and her mom. We headed out to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, which is about an hour from us. A very long hour when every 5 minutes Fiona asks “Where Molly”, and every 5 minutes I reply “in the car in front of us”.

I let Fiona go as Ladybug Girl (in almost full costume, still waiting for the plain red t-shirt to arrive). She was so excited to be able to go as Ladybug Girl, she even did her Ladybug Girl song and dance (yes, Fiona made up a song and a dance).

We had a lot of fun sitting on pumpkins and looking for just the right one.

Ladybug Girl searched among all the options…

After looking at the big pumpkins, the girls decided the mini pumpkins were more their size.

Then we checked out the rest of the farm, and this photo was hands down my favorite photo of the day. Its the girls being themselves and giggling.

Then we checked out the goats

Wandered around

And came across a monkey laying among the pumpkins.

What kind of monkey did you think we found?

Ahhh, babies; can’t protest when I lay them among pumpkins. They don’t yell No! and stomp their feet. They just happily lay there. And in Lincoln’s case happily napped among the pumpkins.

Congratulations if you made it through the entire post, I know that was alot of photos, and I tried really hard to edit and narrow down the photos. Because it is only the second week of October, I can’t bore you guys already with pumpkin photos, there will be many more!


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  1. Randomly came across this site – glad I did!

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