Life with a toddler and a baby

October 12, 2011

Fiona is obsessed with a series of books called Ladybug Girl.  She has a pair of rain boots just like the girl in the book and wears them EVERYWHERE. She has to wear her ladybug boots to school, to walk the dogs, to run errands, etc. So I thought she would like to be Ladybug Girl for Halloween. Her wings came the other day, and since discovering them she likes to run around the house wearing them.

We played out front the other day, and of course she had to wear her ladybug shoes, wings, and antennae.

She even has made up a whole song about being ladybug girl. It involves lots of twirling, foot stomping and singing about her boots and wings. I think she is going to have a lot of fun on halloween. I made the tutu for the costume yesterday and she ran around all morning wearing it.

So what does Lincoln think of his big sister? Im pretty sure he was laughing at her.

But thats okay, I’m pretty sure Fiona doesn’t care. Because she is going to fly with her wings and save some ants (you will have to read the book for that reference).

Use that imagination Fiona!!


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