Playdate with Molly

September 8, 2011

Since I can’t really take Fiona anywhere, her friend Molly came to our house to play. Those two little girls run around and wear each other out. They are so cute to watch, I really hope they stay friends as they grow up (also Molly’s mom is fabulous, and its so fun to hang out with her while the girls play).

The girls colored together.

They did some cooking in Fiona’s play kitchen, Molly made pasta, and Im not sure what Fiona was making…

There was lots of giggling.

Some dancing (those two LOVE to dance)

And a little harassing of the dog.. . or a little harassing by the dog.

The girls had a lot of fun (including tibi, who followed those little girls everywhere). It was a great way to tire Fiona out without me having to be up and around too much.


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