Life with a toddler

September 2, 2011

One of Fiona’s favorite activities is painting. For her birthday I bought her fingers paints and over size paper so that she could paint.  The only problem is she rarely sticks to just painting just on the paper.

Yes, she paints in her diaper. Do you see all that paint on her hands?

Her favorite thing to paint; her hand print. She loves to trace her hand, or even better cover her hand in paint and put hand prints all over the paper.

And when she gets bored of the paper? She moves on to painting herself.

Most painting sessions end with a paint covered Fiona getting a bath. But its worth it to see that smile as she spreads paint on the paper and tells me what she is painting. “This is Pico, where are his ears? I know! There are his ears (as she smears more paint on the paper)!”

Who knows what she will grow up to be; an artist, a doctor, a programmer? The least I can do is encourage her to be creative and explore the world around her as she grows.


3 Responses to “Life with a toddler”

  1. Leah said

    such creativity!!!

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