Vacationing in Galveston, day 2

August 31, 2011

On our second day on the coast we drove over to Kemah to go to the boardwalk before we headed home. We actually got there before it opened, you would think with the heat and humidity that they would open earlier. While we waited we watched the boats for a little while.

Finally the rides opened and there was no holding Fiona back from getting on those rides. Her daddy rode with her since Im pregnant and couldn’t (whoops!). He was a good sport and folded himself into those tiny rides. Fiona’s favorite was the planes, she asked over and over to go on the planes.

Pilot Fiona

Baby and Pink of course came along for the adventure.

She also rode on the hot air balloon ride, I’m impressed that Mark managed to get himself into the balloon.

She also rode the train and the carouse. Finally we packed up a very worn out Fiona and headed home. It was a great vacation! Fiona still talks about it, and whenever she sees the photos she gets all excited and talks about collecting shells and riding on the planes.


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