Downtown Austin

August 26, 2011

Months ago friends of ours visited Austin (there will be photos of them in the next post), and we decided to play tourist for the day and in the morning we headed downtown to the Pecan Festival. There was a lot of booths and we wandered, shopped and enjoyed the day. Fiona had her first bite of alligator and seemed to like it. Before we left we checked out the petting zoo area.

Fiona had a lot of fun feeding the deer, goats and cows.

In the afternoon we went to the capitol building, it was my first time inside. Its an impressive building and fabulously air conditioned. After we cooled off, we wandered around So Co for awhile and then found a nice cool place for dinner.

We were mostly killing time for the bats to come out. It was still early in the season so there weren’t as many bats as there are now, but there was still thousands of bats. We all laid back and watched the bats wake up and fly out from the South Congress bridge on their way out to hunt

The kids loved the bats (and truth be told the grown-ups thought they were pretty cool too). It was a fun day to experience downtown Austin and to explore.

Next up will be wine tasting and BBQ with the Toole’s.


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