The 2nd birthday bash

July 20, 2011

Now that I’ve shown you all the design behind the party, I should show a couple photos of the birthday girl enjoying her big day.

On Friday Fiona helped me make the banana cupcakes. She added ingredients and helped to mix. And when she got a little carried away with tasting, she got her own bowl of mashed banana to taste.

Saturday was the big party day. I didn’t take that many photos, shocking I know. But I was running around being a mom. I passed off video duty to a friend so that I could light the candle and sing Happy Birthday to my daughter. And I’m glad I did, she got nervous with all the attention and pulled me close so that she could hold on to me.

However once it came time to eat the cupcake she overcame her nervousness and dove in, after all there was pink fluffy sugar in front of her!

Here are a couple shots of her friends that came to help her celebrate (there were more kids, this is just a couple)

Happy birthday kiddo! I know you had a lot of fun at your party, and I’m glad you did!


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