Party decor: Banners, cupcakes and the snack table

July 19, 2011

I didn’t do a ton of decorations, we wanted to keep it fairly simple. I designed a banner that was hung between the playroom and the living room. We also hung a smaller one outside, so that people knew which house it was. I bought the polka dot paper, and had “Fiona” and “2” printed at kinkos.

The hit of the party, at least for the kids, was the snack table I made.

I found some really cute cupcakes paper, and the purple polka dot ribbon and I had the giant number 2 printed. I glued everything down to a piece of posterboard, including the bowls. And using ribbon I attached the board to a trunk that we have in the playroom. The bowl were glued down so that the kids wouldn’t wander off with the bowls. All the kids loved that the snack table was at their height and spent a good amount of time hovering around it.  I think Fiona will be sad when its gone.

And in case you were wondering the table was stocked with goldfish, annie’s organic graham cracker bunnies, trader joe’s cheese puffs, and frozen grapes. All child friendly, and more importantly, things that wouldn’t stain my carpet 🙂 Fiona was a good little hostess and would come and tell me when the snack table was out of a snack.

Speaking of food… the last thing I designed was cupcake toppers. I made 2 different types of cupcakes; a vegan banana with a cream cheese/marscapone/maple frosting, and a vegan chocolate with vegan buttercream. I designed 2 different toppers to distinguish the 2 cupcakes.

The chocolate cupcakes were frosted pink and the banana had purple sprinkles to go with the color scheme.

Fiona loved the cupcakes. She would pull a stool over and climb up to the counter just to look at them. And when it came time to eat them, she was even more excited!

I will post a few photos from the party tomorrow.


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