Adventures around Texas

July 7, 2011

We had a weekend free after returning from WWDC, and we decided to go exploring a bit. One day we went to Hamilton Pool for a hike and the next day we headed out to Fredricksburg. We stopped at a bunch of places on the way to Fredricksburg and enjoyed the journey as much as the destination. We stopped for fresh jerky (turkey), and for some local honey. Next up was peaches, you can’t go to Fredricksburg during peach season without stopping for peaches! Then Wild Seed Farms to check out the wild flowers. Fiona picked out a butterfly figure for our garden, although I think our pumpkin plants might have eaten it.

Supposedly wild flowers grow like crazy in Texas during spring and summer, but with the drought this year there haven’t been very many.. But Wild Seed Farms has fields of them.

Fiona was checking out the flowers on her shoes.

We finally made it to Fredricksburg in time for lunch. We did a little wandering, and a little shopping before getting back in the car for nap time.  We stopped on the way home for fresh peach ice cream (yum!).

It was a fun little adventure.


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