Life with a toddler

July 6, 2011

As a work at home mom, I constantly struggle to find things to keep Fiona entertained. We do all kinds of things to keep her busy while I work; puzzles; playdoh; books; playing pretend; dressing up the dogs, etc. And now painting! I bought a watercolor Cat in the Hat coloring book and figured it would be something new to try. We sat down the other day and I showed Fiona that if you dip the brush in water and then the paint, it makes color on the paper. Her response; “wow!”.

She is hooked! Shhh… don’t tell her but I bought her finger paints for her birthday, I’m looking forward to some colorful creations. She will happily sit and paint for awhile, although she does get tired of the brush and will move on to using her fingers. I love how much she concentrates when she paints.

And then ta-da, perfection!

Anyone have any tips on keeping a toddler entertained? What are your kids favorite activities?


2 Responses to “Life with a toddler”

  1. Julie DB said

    You guys do a lot better than we do! I just put on yo gabba gabba, dino dan, sid the science kid or sesame street! We did get Charlie a water table, which he LOVES! I dunno if you have a spot you could put it so you can watch her while you work and she plays?

  2. Nichol said

    Love that second pic especially! 🙂 Looks like she is taking after her creative mommy!

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