CA: Penelope’s Point

July 1, 2011

The last time we were in california we didn’t have a chance to make it up to the summit so we made a point to visit in the small amount of free time that we had.

We arrived in the morning, but could not check into our hotel until the late afternoon. So we figured we would spend the afternoon up at Penelope’s point. It was good to be back, sad but good. Having Fiona with us always makes me smile.

Fiona and her daddy snuggled on a rock, and showed us just how much she loves us and how much love she brings to our life.

Love and laughter, with a little exhaustion thrown in; the child has limitless energy.

Before we left Fiona left a sticker for her sister, and said “bye sister, bye P!”. Which made me all teary.

So bye P, until we visit you next time!


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