Boston: Childrens Museum

May 13, 2011

Finally here is the last posting of our trip to Boston. I’m so far behind on editing photos and on work. Event season is in full swing and me and powerpoint have become joined at the hip. I’m currently booked through about August. But I will still try to post here, I have  A TON of photos that are waiting to be edited, and I’m sure I will be taking a ton more. I have a shoot this weekend with a family and their dog, so at some point some pooch photos will make their way here.

On to Boston. I had several more I was hoping to edit, but I figured I might as well post some before everyone forgot that we even went on a trip. These are from our second day in Boston. We headed to the childrens museum and then wandered around the touristy section of Boston by the waterfront.

My friends oldest kid, James, cracks me up. He is a total ham.

While the boys continued to play in the museum, I took Fiona outside to see if I could settle her down for a nap. Yeah, you can see how well that went.

She did eventually fall asleep and we walked over to get cannolies and lobster tails  (a pastry that I became addicted to while visiting). After she got refueled with sugar there was no getting her back in the stroller, not that she likes being in it anyway. She would much rather push the stroller.

That pretty much wraps up our trip to Boston. We will be heading back to California in a few weeks for work, and then again in for a weekend in July. We are also trying to squeeze in a vacation in June or July, we haven’t decided where yet but are thinking New Orleans. We have a busy summer ahead of us!


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