Boston: A trip to Beverly, MA

May 2, 2011

I have a friend who recently moved to New Hampshire and I couldn’t wait to see her while I was on the east coast. We agreed to meet somewhat in the middle and met up in Beverly, MA. We were hoping for a nice warm spring day, but ended up with a cold, gray one instead. We met at Lynch park so that the kids could play while the adults chatted. I bet during summer this place is packed, but on a cold April day we had the place to ourselves.

Lynch Park has a little beach, so Fiona got to see the Atlantic Ocean.

Then we hit up the playground and the boys played.

Then he headed to downtown Beverly in search of some food. We eventually found a cute little diner. But on the way we found some fabulous old buildings.

I have one last day of photos to edit of Boston and then sadly our trip was over. I wish we could have stayed longer. And after editing all my photos I realized that sadly the only photo I got of my friend was the one at the Easton museum where she was putting make-up on her son. We were all so busy that we never did a family shoot with her and her boys. Oh well, it just means they need to visit soon!


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