Boston: Easton Childrens Museum

April 29, 2011

Our trip thus far was fun filled and action packed, meaning Fiona hadn’t been napping well. Poor thing had a terrible cold, so on Tuesday we decided to stick close to the house so that I could put Fiona down for a normal nap. So we headed over to the Easton Children’s Museum. Being spring break the place was packed, and it was full of stuff for the kids to do. As an adult it was like sensory overload, but the kids seem to have a blast.

It had all kinds of things to do; a little fire engine to climb on, a fireman’s pole to climb,  a couple different ball areas (whats with the excitement of watching a ball roll?), a reading room, a mini boat to climb on and pretend to drive, a tunnel, and a stage complete with costumes and makeup area. And that was just on the main floor, there were 2 other floors equally packed with things to do. But the makeup area captivated most of the kids, ours included.

Heather helped James get ready for the stage.

I drew a heart on Fiona’s cheek, and then she took over and wanted to do her own makeup.

Not sure what she was drawing, but look at that concentration!


One Response to “Boston: Easton Childrens Museum”

  1. Heather said

    You have been busy!!! We have enjoyed looking at all of your posts go up. We had a great time with you, and can’t wait to see you again soon!

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