Boston: Dairy farm and ice cream

April 28, 2011

After a tiring morning playing in Boston with Isabel and her family. Fiona and I headed back to my friends house. Her son (Eric) had spent the morning having two of his teeth pulled; ouch! Poor kid was on an all soft food diet, so as a treat we headed to a local dairy, where they make their own ice cream!

What kid doesn’t like ice cream? Fiona got a scoop of banana (and when I say scoop, I mean she got a scoop of banana in a cup and then I put 2 spoonfuls into her cone for her. Then I ate the rest, yeah I’m mean that way)

Since its s dairy farm, you can meet the cows that produced the milk to make the ice cream. Talk about buying local and knowing where your food comes from!

Fiona saying thanks for the ice cream!

You can even pet the calves. Fiona was a little nervous, and would run up and touch the cows nose and then run away. Can’t blame her, cows are big. Even baby cows! James however was not afraid, and gave the cow a good nose rub.

Mmmm… banana ice cream.


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