Boston: New friends and the ICA

April 27, 2011

I’m skipping a day from my Boston recap, which I will come back to later. But I took so many photos from that day that I haven’t even made a dent in editing them. So I will skip to Monday.

Monday I finally got to meet a friend of mine in person. Isabel and I became friends several years ago when, as she put it “we were both in a dark place”. She and several other woman made a very difficult time a teensy bit easier because we were all going through something similar. Somehow we found each other on facebook and our friendship grew. I learned that she lived in Boston, and we both figured we would never meet face to face… that is until I decided to visit my other friend (Heather) who also lived in Boston. So we hatched a plan to meet. And I have to say she is every bit the personality in person that is online.

I will apologize now for the numerous photos from that morning (note I said morning, I’m saving the afternoon for a separate post). But Isabel is also a photographer, and the result of 2 photographers getting together is lots, and lots of photos! Her post from that day is here: Check out her photos, they are amazing!

We started out the day at the ICA, which ended up really not being a toddler friendly museum. We found one room that the kids were free to wander in and camped out there to chat. The view from the room was amazing.

Fiona agreed.

Isabel has two sons, who are total sweeties. Her youngest is just a little older then Fiona. You can see just how impressed he was with the museum as he tries to eat the ticket.

Most of our conversations went something like this “blah, blah, blah” Click,  then a kid crying “mommy!!”, click. It was so nice to hang out with someone else who constantly has a camera pressed to her face. But for a brief moment, her son needed a snuggle, and she switched from photographer to mom mode .

After wandering the museum we decided to head out for lunch and to let the kids run free. Luckily the weather was some what descent (much warmer then the zoo trip!).

Fiona loved Isabel’s oldest son Jack. Why? Because he would make funny faces and sing with her.

There was lots of playing:

A buddy diaper change:

And then sadly it was time to go. Isabel and her family walked Fiona and I back to the train station. Before the trip I felt the need to warn Isabel that Fiona is a hand holder, and that at some point she would most likely try to hold everyone’s hand. My warning proved to be true and Fiona kept asking to hold everyone’s hand. Leo resisted for awhile, but eventually everyone gives in to Fiona.

Isabel, it was great meeting you and spending the morning with your fabulous family! If your ever in the south, you know who to call!


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