Boston trip, the Zoo

April 26, 2011

I was hoping to edit photos as I took them and post them daily while I was in Boston. Ha! I’ve been home almost a week and I’m still not done editing them. I don’t know when I thought I would have the time to edit and post daily.

Anyway, on to the trip. We stayed with a friend of mine that I have known since i was 5 (!), which suffice to say is a REALLY long time. She has 2 boys, both of which are much older then Fiona. She intrigued them, they weren’t sure quite what to do with an almost 2 year old, but they tried their best to play with and entertain her. We were trying to find things that would keep all 3 kids entertained so the first day of our trip we headed to the zoo.

The have a deer petting/feeding area, so Fiona got to pet and feed deer. Things I didn’t know about deer, they move really fast when there is food involved. I tried to get more photos, but in half of them the deer are blurry or they have swarmed my child and you can’t see her, or my friends arm is in the shot as she tries to fend off the deer. The remind me of Tibi at feeding time.

The zoo also has a few rides. Fiona desperately wanted to ride the cars. Technically she was an inch to short, but her pathetic face smooshed up against the fence convinced the attendant to let her ride “with her brother”. My friends youngest son (Eric) rode with her. Sheer joy!

My friends oldest son (James) thought all the animals were great, but the funniest by far were the baboons. I don’t know how long they watched them (long enough at least for me to go change Fiona’s diaper and come back).

It was freezing while we were at the zoo, okay maybe not freezing. But for someone used to temps in the 80’s and 90’s, those 40 degree temperatures were darn cold! Fiona spent most of her time wrapped up in a blanket in my arms. But once the wind died down she wanted to run around with the big kids. She thought they were awesome.

Lastly we hit up the goat area, whats a trip to the zoo without feeding a few goats? Look how sweet they are when you don’t have food:

The rest of the trip will follow soon, there are museum trips, a beach trip and a trip to a creamery.


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