Happy Easter!!

April 25, 2011

Things have been busy around here! Work is there as usual, event season is kicking in to high gear so I have been a busy little bee working away in powerpoint. Fiona and I went on vacation, which started out as “woohoo, 5 whole days without my computer!”, then became “I’ll just take my laptop along in case this one project isn’t finished”, and ended up being a normal workweek for me. But I did have a lovely change of scenery and weather! Boston spring weather is a far cry from Austin spring weather! But more on my trip later, I took hundreds of photos so I will be doing a photo recap of the trip later this week.

But today is Easter, which means egg hunts and Easter candy!

Silly me thought that we would have to show Fiona what an Easter egg hunt was. But apparently its ingrained, all we had to do is hand Fiona a basket and set her loose in the backyard. She found the eggs really quickly!

She loved taking inventory of her eggs. In the basket. Out of the basket. Then she thought her eggs should have fun and they went for a ride in her swing and down her slide.

Fiona had a busy morning of egg hunts, playing and more egg hunting. Our neighbors surprised us by hiding 38 (!) eggs on our front lawn for Fiona to hunt. So needless to say she was on a fun high and didn’t take a nap. We tried though. While we was upstairs the Easter bunny visited and filled her Easter basket with all kinds of goodies. One of which was a (tiny) chocolate bunny. As soon as she discovered it she ran over to her daddy to have him “open”. They snuggled while she ate her bunny, and she thanked her daddy with kisses.

I hope everyone’s Easter was equally happy!


One Response to “Happy Easter!!”

  1. isabel said

    her easter outfit just KILLS me. so cute. and she and mark just melt my heart.

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