Tea Party

January 20, 2011

With the new house I have room for a desk. And actual desk with an office chair and everything! Our old house was small and I worked in the dining room on our table, Mark worked in the dining room as well, and the dogs crates were in there, so it was a very crowded room that saw very little dining. Now, however I have a desk. My desk is in the playroom so that I can work while keeping an eye on Fiona while she plays behind me.

She got a fancy play kitchen from Santa and she spends many hours making soup and hosting tea parties. She often invites the dogs to her parties.

I think Tibi was hoping for some real food. Although I have often turned around to see Fiona shoving a stuffed kiwi into Tibi’s mouth, and Tibi tries to eat it.

I love that Fiona plays pretend. Its so cute the way she pours her tea and drinks it. She brings me cups and asks if I want tea. I always say yes because either way I’m taking the cup.

When she is done giving me tea, she makes sure the dogs get some too…

Yes I know, we are really lucky that Tibi loves Fiona and will do anything for her, including having a cup shoved on her nose so that she can drink her tea.

Its amazing that I get any work done when I have this kind of fun surrounding me.


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