Port Lavaca

January 4, 2011

Over the weekend we took a break from work and from unpacking and headed out for some exploring. I’m a California girl and I’m used to having the ocean within a short drive. So to show me that the ocean wasn’t that far we went in search of it.

We headed south through central Texas and passed through exciting towns such as Cement, or Luling. Actually Luling was kinda interesting in a “wtf” kinda way. Luling in an oil town, but to boost tourism they decided to make the oil pumps pretty. I’m not sure the flamingo driving the car on the oil pumps makes it pretty but it certainly caught my attention.

A couple hours later we hit the Texas coast.

We wandered around the downtown area of Port Lavaca and even ran into the mayor (he runs an antique store on the downtown strip).

I’m looking forward to hitting the beach once it warms up, and we aren’t wearing several layers. And here is one of Fiona, because lets all be honest that is who all of you come here to see 🙂


One Response to “Port Lavaca”

  1. ifurie said

    love it! i love getting to see your new digs. and also, good call on moving close to water!

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