More Lasts…

December 20, 2010

Soon there will be posts of firsts, but for now here is another “last” post.

As a photographer I’m grateful that I am able to capture moments in time. Whether it is capturing a pregnancy, a newborn, a wedding, or a moment in daily life. One of the things Fiona and I did the day before we moved was head up to the summit to an area that we affectionately call Penelope’s Point. It is the area in the Santa Cruz mountains where we spread the ashes of our first daughter; Penelope. It was probably one of the saddest “lasts” that we did. We will continue to visit the spot when we visit California but its strange having it so far away.

Someday Fiona will understand why the photo of her touching this rock means so much to me. 3 years before its the same place that I stood as I watched my daughters ashes scatter in the wind.

I loved watching Fiona run around and have fun at Penelope’s Point

Standing at the vista, the view is stunning. I’m glad we were able to spend time at the summit and that I was able to capture Fiona touching Penelope’s rock. Seeing Fiona at the summit makes me smile. I only hope that the moments that I capture in other people’s lives make them smile.


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