The oakland zoo

December 19, 2010

I finally have internet again! Oh how I missed you internet. The good thing is with no distraction I had the chance to settle into the new house a bit.

Before the move we tried to squeeze in lots of “lasts”; last book club, last girls night, last time at play group, last trip to the summit, and last trip to the zoo, etc. On our last rip to the Oakland Zoo several of my friends joined Fiona and I with their kids. All the kids had a great time, and I really enjoyed seeing the moms. Thankfully with the internet I may not see the ladies very often but I can still stay in touch and watch their kids grow up (see internet, this is one of the reasons I missed you!).

Fiona as usual loved chasing the goats. Look at her planning her attack…

Not everyone was a fan of the goats.

The girls playing follow the leader.

The 3 girls are only a few months apart. Helen (in the center)  is the oldest by 4 months, then Fiona, and Brooke (on the left) is 2 weeks younger then Fiona.

I love that the girls are all so close in age. Hopefully I will find that in our new city.


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