Happy early halloween!

October 29, 2010

We love Halloween around here, so I’ve been taking every opportunity to take Fiona out to do Halloweeny things. Today downtown willow glen had trick or treating for kids this morning. So of course I dressed Fiona up and headed out for her first real trick or treating experience.

I love cupcakes (no surprise there) so I figured I would make Fiona a cupcake costume, yes I could have bought one. But I figured I would do something with all that free time I have, you know between 2 and 6am.

Fiona had a good time trick or treating this morning, she thought the concept was great; she holds up her little bucket and people give her stuff. The store that was giving away balloons was by far her favorite.

Happy Halloween everyone! I still have more Halloween related posts to come… I mentioned that I love Halloween right?


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