Day 5 of daily photos

September 16, 2010

Today was exhausting (and it is far from over)! I have a ton of work, so I had to call in reinforcements. Luckily I got 6 hours of people helping to watch Fiona, so I had a very productive day. Presentations and image sourcing, oh my!

I did spend most of the afternoon hanging out with Fiona. I went to get her a snack, and when I turned around the little thief had snatched 2 strawberries from the fridge and was busy cramming them into her mouth.

This smile makes my long days, and even longer nights all worth it!

We took the dogs on a walk in the late afternoon. We live in a fabulous area, and there is city rosegarden just a few blocks from the house. However dogs are not allowed, so we just looked in…


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