Jen maternity shoot

August 20, 2010

Jen is such a great person. She is my adventure buddy, everyone should have a friend to jump out of a plane with. She started out as a dive buddy and we discovered a mutual love for anything adventurous. She ran next to me in my first triathlon, we have gone sky diving, hang gliding, surfing, etc. I’m really excited for her as she begins her next big adventure; motherhood!

We met up Saturday morning before her baby shower/graduation party (she is a super pregnant woman; she works full time and is finishing up her masters degree). Since I met Jen at a dive store and the water is such a big part of her life I thought a maternity shoot at the beach would be perfect.  But its Monterey in August, so no swimsuits in site. Instead we were layered up and wearing sweaters.

How adorable is she? She was 36 weeks when we did the shoot and she looks fabulous! It was such a fun day. Congratulations Jen, I can’t wait to meet your daughter, she is going to be one amazing little girl!


One Response to “Jen maternity shoot”

  1. Tawni Tyler said

    Totally Adorable! These are great pictures! Love the colors & the suffer in the background.

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