Fiona Fest

July 14, 2010

Fiona fest has come and gone and we are almost recovered. It was a fabulous 1st birthday party; tons of people, live music, good food, and 1 happy birthday girl.

I made posters that matched the invitations, they went on the gate and around the backyard.

I also baked 7 dozen cupcakes for the party. I made 3 different flavors; a vegan banana with a marscapone/cream cheese and maple syrup frosting (that was for Fiona and the other babies, the cupcake and frosting had very little sugar but was still tasty), an angel food cupcake with organic strawberry whipcream, and vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan buttercream frosting. To answer the question, no I’m not vegan I just really like the way these cupcakes and frosting tastes. I made cupcakes toppers to identify the different flavors.

I also made a flag banner to hang up to decorate part of the yard, it now is hanging in Fiona’s room.

The decor looked great! Mostly I focused on 3 colors; candy pink, purple and black. With the simple color palette it was east to tie every thing together to make the party look great. The table clothes were purple and pink, and the balloons were purple, pink, black and white. The overall look was cohesive and great for a little rock stars birthday party. The birthday girl had a great time.


One Response to “Fiona Fest”

  1. Jo-Ann said

    everything looks gorgeous! Looking at your work makes me want to design again.

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