Rockin Invites

June 14, 2010

The last 2 weeks have been crazy. Part of my job for one of my clients is to provide presentation support, most of the time I work off site from the comfort of my couch. But occasionally I work on-site. Its alot of fun, but it is exhausting. In 9 1/2 days I put in 101 hours. The good news is the event went great, but it left me tired and not wanting to look at a computer when I finally got home.

Just before all the madness started I sent Fiona’s 1st birthday invitations off to the printers. I spent weeks working on them, we are going with a rock star theme (cause Fiona is our little rock star). We even booked a band to play her birthday party, they are friends of ours and they play oldies like the Beach Boys (Fiona used to dance in her bouncy chair listening to the Beach Boys while I would work). So I made VIP passes as the invitations.

The invites are folded and when they are open its a concert ticket (info has been changed on the invite)

I can’t wait for Fiona’s party, it is going to be alot of fun. I’ve waited a long time to throw my child a 1st birthday party. I still need to design a few more things for the party, the next month will be fun.

And look, Fiona approves of the invites!


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