Being a mom

April 3, 2010

When describing what I do, I left out the most important job title; Mom. Its easily the most demanding and rewarding job I’ve ever had. My boss is a fiesty 8 month old, who cries when she doesn’t get what she wants and spends her days scooting around and babbling at me.  In addition to our one living child we also have 2 dogs. So our daily routine always includes a walk so that the pups can stretch their legs (okay, its a feeble attempt to tire them out so that they don’t irritate me).

We often joke that Fiona’s first words are going to be “shut up, tibi” or “back up, pico” because that is what she hears ALL day long. The dogs love Fiona, and in return Fiona loves the dogs. Although I’m pretty sure for different reasons; the dogs see her as the source of food that rains down from the sky several times a day, and Fiona sees the dogs as something soft to climb.

But occasionaly they all get along. Its moments like these that make me not want to lock the dogs outside.

And when Fiona gets a bit chatty, Tibi just covers her ears.


One Response to “Being a mom”

  1. Grammy said

    toooooo cute

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