Baby Shower invites; rubba dub dub

March 23, 2010

Every once in awhile I get to design invitations, which I love to do. They can be fun and whimsical or classy and sophisticated. Each one is completly different. I’m excited to start working on Fiona’s 1st birthday invitations and it is 3 1/2 months away!

Back to the current post… I cohosted a friends baby shower and I put myself on invitation duty. We were doing a spa theme, so of course rubber duckies came to mind. I wanted it to be fun but not too little kid cartoonish. She is having a girl so we were going with purple for most of the decore.

To contiue the spa theme we had favor bags filled with bath salts, that simply said Relax.  Which is hopefully what guests used the bath salts to do (unlike me; my bag is is still sitting in my car, but its smells refreshingly of eucalyptus) .

A friend was kind enough to snap a photo of the bag, once the party got underway I was too busy playing co-hostess and entertaining a 6 month old to actually pick up my camera. Mothers should grow an extra arm during pregnancy, that way we can do everything we normally do all while toting an infant around on our hip. Hmmm, but then what would we do with the 3rd arm when our child doesn’t need to be carried anymore?


2 Responses to “Baby Shower invites; rubba dub dub”

  1. Julie said

    so cute!
    Where do you have your stuff printed?
    Locally or online?

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